City garbage pickup schedules (Tuesday through Friday) have been altered because of the weather, and recycling pickup this week has been completely suspended due to the icy streets. The city’s announcement details the full changes, but here’s the skinny:

• Tuesday’s missed garbage pickup has been rescheduled to Friday.

• Thursday’s garbage pickup has been rescheduled to Friday and, if necessary, Saturday.

• Friday’s scheduled pickup will occur Saturday and, if necessary, Sunday.

The directive indicates crews will be working (weather-permitting) until the job is done according to the revised schedule, so leave your cart at the curb until it has been emptied on the appointed date. The city promises there will be no citations for leaving carts out too long this week.

If for some reason the pickup doesn’t occur according to the new schedule, you can assume problems caused your pickup to be skipped, so wheel your cart back away from the curb.

The regular garbage and recycling pickup schedule will resume again next week.

If your street is skipped this week, you can leave bagged garbage and recycling next to the bin on your next regularly scheduled garbage pickup day.

Just saw this note on the DMN’s city hall blog: You might see some recycling trucks helping collect garbage late this week. Don’t be alarmed because the city might need the extra capacity and trucks to get the job done.

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