If your new year’s resolution involves getting in shape, feeling better, becoming more active, getting stronger or faster or training to run a ridiculously long distance—here’s a don’t-miss deal. The Dallas Running Club’s spring half marathon and marathon training program kicks off tonight at Winfrey Point. Even if you miss tonight’s session, it’s not too late. The actual training begins this coming Saturday, Jan 10. Here’s the deal: You have to sign up for the Dallas Running Club and then the 16-week training is $30. That’s dirt cheap compared to many of the other training programs available. Learn more here.

Not to put down any of the other programs out there. DRC is pretty basic. Some of the more expensive programs such as those at Luke’s and Run On offer extras.

I also recently received word about a new runner-training operation founded by running club member and neighbor Nikki Davis called Runwell — check out what she has to offer, here.

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