(Photo by Robert Bunch)

East Dallas is fickle about their coyotes. They amaze some; pedestrians take videos, pictures and express care for sharing our city with the urban canines. Others see them as dangerous vermin to be destroyed.

Security camera footage given to WFAA will not give any solace to those who fear coyotes. It shows a trio of coyotes surrounding and attacking a cat in Junius Heights. Early Tuesday morning, the animals stalked the feline pet, killing and eating it, according to WFAA.

The DFW Wildlife Coalition says that while urban coyotes are comfortable in urban settings, attacks on humans are very rare. They advise neighbors to make sure small pets are not left unattended outside at night and to be proactive so that the coyotes don’t lose their natural fear of humans. The coalition says to never purposely feed coyotes, and to not leave garbage out or allow places for the coyotes to dwell on your property.

Sightings have been common throughout Lakewood and East Dallas for the past several years, but attacks on household pets have been less frequent. If you see a coyote, contact the DFW Wildlife Coalition at 972.234.WILD (9453). Volunteers can give guidance and prepare a report that is forwarded to animal control and Texas Parks and Wildlife, which helps monitor coyote sightings.

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