Velvet Taco opens early next month in the former Church’s Chicken spot at Central and Henderson.

In the land of muchos tacos, experienced restaurateur Mark Brezinski — of Pei Wei, Bengal Coast and more — knows that you can’t just open any old taco stand in this town. That’s why he and the folks at Front Burner Restaurants have designed Velvet Taco as the antithesis of your authentic Mexico City taqueria.

The tacos at Velvet Taco are derived from a global influence, resulting in what Brezinski calls the “borderless taco.” “We have tacos with an Asian influence, Indian influence … you name it,” says Brezinski. “Our tacos appeal to a diverse crowd … that way everyone can find their favorite taco.” The menu includes calamari steak tacos with habanero pineapple salsa. Or how about the tacos with paneer and roasted tomato chutney? Velvet taco also serves breakfast tacos all day long. No matter what’s in the tortilla, Brezinski says the focus is on crafting tacos with fresh ingredients and a balance of flavors.

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