More information on Thursday’s accident involving a Woodrow student driving into two J.L. Long 8th graders, which Back Talk reported earlier today: A Dallas police detective called the accident near the Santa Fe trail “gruesome” and says the two 14-year old victims are badly injured and in ICU at Baylor.

The case has moved from Crimes Against Persons to the Traffic division of the police department. The driver didn’t intend to hit the girls but appears to have been driving recklessly, the officer says, adding that the driver has received citations in the past for driving without a license and speeding in a school zone. The officers says the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, which occurred shortly before 4 p.m. Thursday.

The accident is still under investigation, and the police could still file charges against the driver, the officer says.

An email from Long principal Danielle Petters to Long parents Friday indicated the two injured 8th graders are Gelika Gonzalez and Briana Ramos. She didn’t identify the driver in the email but said two of his brothers attend Long; the DPD officer said the brothers were in the truck when the accident occurred.

UPDATE 11/08: Ramos and Gonzalez were both in stable condition but remained in the ICU as of Saturday afternoon, according to a letter sent out from the J.L. Long  PTA.

"Since they will be in the hospital for a while, cards and care packages were delivered to both families. The girls’ families thanked the Long community for the gesture and truly appreciate the calls and visits from friends and the school staff," the letter reads. “

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