Courtesy Unrefined Bakery

Unrefined Bakery is preparing to open in Medallion Center at Northwest Highway and Abrams. Owners also have announced that the original store in the Old Lake Highlands area will close Wednesday. Yes, there will be a bit of a gluten-free goodie dry spell in the northern reaches of East Dallas, but the new store is “coming along nicely.”

We first met the gluten-dissing, delicious-dessert-making mother-daughter duo Anne Hoyt and Taylor Nicholson back in 2010 as they embarked on opening their first (semi) permanent storefront, which turned out to be on Buckner, across the street from White Rock Lake. At first, they were called Wholesome Foods Bakery, operated in a pop-up shop at Walnut Hill and Audelia, and were open just one day a week.

They aimed to bake and sell mouthwatering gluten-free goods. Not an easy feat.

“Gluten is the doughy substance that holds a muffin or a cupcake together, and it is very difficult to bake without it,” Hoyt told us back then. But they certainly figured out the magic recipe, because a few years later they had three bakeries in Dallas, one in Frisco and another in Rockwall (not to mention awards and accolades and a legion of loyal customers).

Unrefined Bakery posted the bittersweet news on its Facebook page yesterday:

“We are thrilled to announce our soon-to-open new location at Northwest Highway and Abrams Road in Dallas, in the Medallion Shopping Center. We will be open and ready to serve y’all’s GF and Organic needs next week. Stay tuned for opening date!

“Sadly, we will also be closing our original location, White Rock, Wednesday 3/22. Many factors have gone into this decision, as we are heartbroken to leave our original location, however, we’re just a 5 minute drive away, and in a much more accessible location!”

In between Wednesday’s closure and the opening of Medallion Center’s store, visit the other East Dallas location at 3426 Greenville or in Preston Hollow at 6055 Sherry Lane.