If you’ve been in Dallas awhile, you might remember neighborhood resident Quin Matthews when he was on Channel 8/WFAA TV. But that was about 15 years ago. These days, Matthews can be found at various spots in the neighborhood (I last saw him at Legal Grounds a few weeks ago) and running Quin Matthews Films, which was written up in the DMN recently. Matthews recently finished production on a short film about the Dallas arts district, and his work has been featured on KERA and for private clients; he’s also the brains behind a show called "Arts Matters" that has been broadcast on WRR since 1988.

I last talked with him at length while I was a member of a city commission reviewing whether Dallas should trade WRR’s radio frequency for a lower-powered frequency and a bunch of money. I was of the opinion the deal was a good one for the city; Matthews was passionately concerned about the city losing a great asset for the arts and for classical music if the trade occurred. As it turned out, those like Matthews who were passionate about protecting WRR put up quite a fight, the council agreed with Matthews’ position, and no action was taken.

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