The Truck Yard is applying for a special-use permit to stay open past midnight, according to a zoning change application.

The application, filed Jan. 31 with the City of Dallas, would allow the food truck park to operate until 2 a.m. The permit would be used specifically for the permanent one-story building that was once a mechanic shop. The outdoor area with picnic tables, a stage and a treehouse bar is not proposed for late-hour use, according to the permit.

The Truck Yard opened in 2013 with a rotating ensemble of food trucks. It operates from 11 a.m. to midnight every day. Owner Jason Boso previously told the Advocate the Truck Yard was not a late-night party place.

“We’re more the come-for-dinner, enjoy-a-live-band, eat-and-drink environment,” he said. “A casual, gather-with-friends kind of place.”

The food truck park at 5624 Sears St. is required to have a special-use permit, which started in 2011 to crack down on noise and crime in the area.

The Truck Yard’s zoning consultant, Baldwin Associates, has not returned numerous requests for comment.

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