The 4th of six shafts comprising the Top of Texas Tower at Fair Park is about 65 feel long and weights about 70 tons.

The 500-foot-tall Top of Texas Tower, which will be a featured attraction at the 2013 State Fair of Texas and the Fair’s May 2013 Summer Adventures in Fair Park, is taking shape today with the installation of the third and fourth of six shaft components.

Here’s an interesting time-lapse video of the construction so far; note that not a whole lot of construction is going on in the first 30 seconds of this one-minute video, so hang in there until the end.

According to the Fair public relations office, which happens to include my wife Sally, here are some facts and figures about the ride:

• Up to 100 passengers will be accommodated on each four minute, 30 second ride.

• The foundation of the ride has more than 1,600 cubic yards of concrete.

• More than 1.4 million LED lights will be decorating the ride.

• The completed tower will weigh 1,060,000 pounds.

• Cost is $12 million.

If you wander by Fair Park today to get a look at the installation, the Tower is located just west of the Coliseum.

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