I did not live here when Trader Vic’s was in its prime as a Dallas restaurant, but I’ve heard that some neighbors are excited about its return. This week I talked to Phil Brosseau, a development partner with Realty America Group, which, along with Behringer Harvard, developed the Hotel Palomar and condos at Mockingbird and Central. The development’s retail space along Mockingbird will be the spot of the new-old restaurant.

I had heard Brosseau speak at the Northeast Chamber summit, where he mentioned that one-third of the famed tiki head had been eaten by termites. At that time, I think the plan was to auction it off for charity. But Brosseau told me this week that it may actually be cut up and made into novelty items (I don’t know if those will be for sale or not). The grand opening, he added, will be Thursday, March 1, and "it oughta be pretty hot." I don’t know the exact time, and the website didn’t have any information, but look for people holding tropical drinks and a brand new tiki head.

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