central expy 1959• Dallas-area lawmaker Dan Branch wants to rename Central Expressway for former president George Bush, reports the Observer, but only the part between I-30 and Park Lane. No doubt this is to prevent confusion with the other Dallas-area expressway named after a member of the Bush family, though it probably wouldn’t do much good. Can you imagine trying to give someone directions? “Take the Bush to the Bush….” “But the Bush doesn’t connect to the Bush.” “Yes, it does, but it’s not called the Bush where they meet.” And how much would this confuse the iPhone map app?

• And just in case the Legislature doesn’t have enough to  do renaming highways, a Senate committee found time to debate the state dessert – pecan pie, which will no doubt alienate those who are proponents of Texas chocolate cake. We get what we pay for, I suppose.

The Morning News has the latest Big Tex update: The rebuilt version will stand on a mound surrounded by a limestone wall, plus signs detailing Big Tex’s 60-year history.

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