Three Restaurants _ lower Greenville

Lower Greenville is soon to be home to three more food joints.

If you’ve been to Lowest Greenville in the past couple weeks, you’ve probably noticed the construction happening next door to Trader Joe’s. There has been talk on Greenville for a while about Madison Partners, who owns the property, developing that section. Now, it seems, they are.

Jon Hetzel with Madison Partners says the development will be designed to look like three separate buildings, although technically it will be one 6800-square-foot structure.

“We don’t want it to look like your traditional strip shopping center,” Hetzel explains. “What we’re going to do is we’re building it so all three spaces to have their own facade, so it looks like three buildings sitting next to each other.”

The one closest to Trader Joe’s will have a brick face. It will be a little taller than the other two spaces and jut out towards the street a bit more. The one at the corner will be further in, and it will be designed with large, block lines. The space in the back, which will face Bell, will have a stucco facade with steel girders on the outside.

“We’re adding a little more parking as a part of that as well,” Hetzel says. “It won’t be a ton. Just a couple more rows.”

So what are the restaurants?

The one in the back facing Bell will be B B Bop Seoul Kitchen, which is a fast-casual, pan-asian rice bowl concept that’s expanding from its original location on Upper Greenville. There will be a takeout window.

The one on the corner will be Yucatan Taco Stand, which is expanding from Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth (Madison Parters is actually their landlord over there as well.) Yucatan is also a fast-casual concept that features Latin fusion cuisine. Aside from tacos and nachos, they are also known for their “world class margaritas.”

The third restaurant hasn’t officially signed on with Madison Partners yet, although Hetzel says they’re “getting close.” He says the location will “likely be a chef-driven, fine-dining, sit-down restaurant concept.”

Hetzel says Madison Partners hopes to finish its portion of the construction in the fall, so the restaurants can complete the finish-out and open early next year.

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