Photography by Carly May.

Shirley Chen and Cynthia Hudson, the owners of Luxe Crush, need help.

In May, robbers broke into their storage unit near Commerce Street and S. Market Street and stole about $40,000 worth of designer handbags and jewelry. The unit owned by Chen and Hudson, who lives in Lakewood, was the only one the robbers struck. Chen said the last time she and Hudson had entered their unit was the previous afternoon.

The thieves were selective. They took items by Gucci, some by Louis Vuitton but none by Prada. And several of the stolen pieces were vintage or special edition, so they can’t be replaced. The thieves locked the storage unit behind them when they left.

When Chen and Hudson realized they had been robbed, they called the police, who dusted for fingerprints, and filed a report. The thieves have never been caught.

Chen and Hudson started Luxe Crush in 2020. It’s an online marketplace where people sell, buy, lend and rent designer bags, jewelry and accessories.

See below for security footage of the robbery.

Anyone with information about this case should call 214-600-8425. 

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