Twice a week my friend, Maria, and I go walking at White Rock Lake during the pitch black hours of the morning. We walk this early not because we’re insane (thought some mornings we feel like it), but because Maria is an elementary school math specialist and has to be at work fairly early.

Our route includes the pathway just south of Mockingbird at West Lawther, which has bridges and a wide, newly-paved pathway. It’s really a beautiful part of the trail. But as the path curves south along West Lawther, we immediately run into the most horrible stench that has ever entered my nostrils.

Right along the path, there are roughly 15 trees (and seemingly more every day) where hoards of giant black birds are perched. (At least I think they’re black; it’s dark outside so all we see are silhouettes). They make a very disturbing, croak-like noise, and they have covered the sidewalks and ground with their feces. So far, we’ve avoided a direct hit, but it could be any day now.

I’d like to state for the record that I love animals. But it really bothers me that such a beautiful part of the lake has been essentially ruined by these birds. I’ve called the city to ask about them, but can’t seem to find the right person who knows what they are and if there’s any way to at least power wash the sidewalks or something to get rid of the smell.

Does anyone have any insight/advice? 

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