Hobie. Photo courtesy of Audrey Schott.

Over the past week, we’ve been providing updates on Hobie, a dog belonging to a Swiss Avenue family.

Hobie escaped on Christmas Eve, scared by the fireworks, and the Schott family began searching for their 3-year-old lab/beagle mix.

They asked for help on Facebook and Nextdoor, posting frequently. They hired a pet detective. They offered a $2,000 reward. They checked with Dallas Animal Services.

The Schotts were scrambling to find Hobie before the weekend, with cold temperatures on the way. They thought fireworks, which spooked Hobie out of the yard on Christmas, might get him out of hiding on New Year’s Eve.

On Dec. 31 around 11 a.m., they received a call from HomeAgain, a lost pet recovery service that uses a microchip to identify animals. Hobie had been found by a citizen near Buckner Terrace on Everglade Road.

Audrey Schott said they then got another phone call from a man who told her exactly where Hobie was: the softball fields at Everglade Park. They went there and found Hobie wandering around with a white pit bull.

His back right paw was wounded, but otherwise, Hobie was healthy and safe.

“I can’t tell you how much it means to us that this community banded together to help us find our guy,” Schott wrote on Nextdoor. We are extremely blessed and grateful.”