I wrote about Gina Cotroneo in our June 2008 issue. Gina was the victim of a horrific attack, who later helped police catch a serial rapist.

Rayon scarf from the Soul’s Calling line is half price, as founder sells the remainder of her stock.

In her life following this event, she vowed “to help raise the vibration and happiness quotient of the world.” She started a line of “happiness-infused” shoes and umbrellas and bracelets. Each item in the line has some positive message—scarves that read “wrapped in hope”, for example, and bangle bracelets with the words, “reach in” and “reach out”.

According to her website, Cotroneo is moving on to some new project, but here, you can buy some of the Soul’s Calling items at a deeply discounted price.

A month or so ago, I wrote about the Lakewood couple who developed the Hari Mari flip-flop line. They gave me a pair and I have since fallen into the bad habit of wearing flip flops EVERYWHERE. (Not kidding, at an outdoor wedding last month they went great with my formal frilly dress).

Lakewood residents started the Hari Mari flip flop line.

While these uber-comfortable, beach-y pastel-colored flops are indeed a vacation for your feet, they also serve a higher purpose. The founders recently held a Flop Fitting at Fort Worth’s Cook Children’s Medical Center, where they gave young pediatric cancer patients shoes and brightened up their day, which Cook staffers say is a wonderful complement to medical treatment.

“Medicine and treatment are the best cures for pediatric cancer, but when you inject fun into the mix, that’s helpful too. Hari Mari’s flip flop fitting not only provides patients with something colorful to wear, but it also generated smiles and laughter,” Cooks VP Grant Harris says.

You can buy Hari Maris nearby at Luke’s Locker at Mockingbird and Central or at any St. Bernard Sports. From every pair sold, $6 goes toward the oncology department at Cooks.

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