Hygiene experts recommend singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice for proper hand washing to protect against the coronavirus. Now that we’re several weeks into the pandemic, the song might be getting a little old.

Find new inspiration from East Dallas neighbor Lisa Huffaker, who is inviting residents to watch a literal soap opera. In a video posted Tuesday on Facebook, Huffaker sings opera while washing her hands for 20 seconds.

“People seem to find [the video] funny,” Huffaker said. “I’m hoping it’s a little heartwarming too. I hope it puts a smile on people’s faces and gets them to wash their hands.”

Huffaker has been singing in the Dallas Opera for about 20 years. When the production of “Don Carlo” was canceled at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the cast was heartbroken, she said.

“A number of singers from the cast made soap opera videos,” Huffaker said. “I saw those and thought, ‘If no one’s going to hear our opera, we should use our voice for a public service announcement.'”

All are welcome to sing along, but we get it, not everyone can sing opera. So, what are you singing? Let us know in the comments.

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