Rendering courtesy of Sneaker Haven via Facebook.

A sneaker store is opening at Mockingbird Station.

Sneaker Haven DTX applied for a certificate of occupancy at 5307 E. Mockingbird Lane.

The store describes itself as a “premium sneaker and streetwear boutique.” Its goal is to redefine “the modern day sneaker store by providing a unique and premium shopping experience.”

Owen Stelmarski, 19, and his business partner are opening the store. And this isn’t their first venture; they co-founded SwiftSole, a software company, a couple years ago.

Stelmarski, who graduated from Lake Highlands High School in 2020 and now lives in Lower Greenville, said Mockingbird Station was chosen because of its central location in Dallas. It also houses Centre, another shoe and clothing store, which shows Stelmarski there’s a market for it.

Early on in the process, Stelmarski and his partner visited other shoe stores in Dallas. They noticed that employees at other stores weren’t as welcoming and helpful as they would have liked, so they decided to emphasize customer service at Sneaker Haven. For example, when neighbors walk into Sneaker Haven, they’ll be greeted by a clerk who is willing to help them find what they’re looking for. They might even be offered a bottle of water, Stelmarski said.

Sneaker Haven will carry Nike and Adidas, two of the most in-demand brands.

Stelmarski said they plan to have a grand opening Oct. 23, and they’re also working to schedule a soft opening.

Some renderings were posted on the company’s Facebook page.

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