Photo of Ruth Ann Mardock via WFAA

Photo of Ruth Anne Mardock via WFAA

Dr. Ruth Anne Mardock, a psychiatrist who was killed by a patient at a mental hospital last week, was a Kimball High School graduate, the daughter of a prominent Oak Cliff doctor and, for a time, served as the lead psychiatrist at Dallas ISD Youth & Family at Woodrow Wilson High School.

Mardock was attacked by a patient, Tony Cason, at Timberlawn Mental Health System on June 30. She died Saturday, July 2.

Madock’s former DISD colleague, Shannon Kay Ellis, says Mardock, “was an amazing blessing to the children and families of Dallas ISD and should be celebrated as such.” 

WFAA reports that the state attempted to close the 99-year-old privately owned mental health hospital earlier this year over safety concerns. The hospital was fined $1 million after a patient committed suicide there in December 2014.

Mardock and her four siblings all graduated from Kimball (she was part of the class of ’71) and the University of Texas at Austin.

Her father was Julian Mardock, a Chinese American combat pilot who flew more than 100 missions in Europe during World War II. Julian Mardock had a medical office on Beckley near Overton for more than 30 years. The elder Mardock also served as a jail doctor for Dallas County, and he treated Jack Ruby during that service. He died in 2006.

Ruth Anne Mardock was a longtime psychiatrist who had worked for many years at Timberlawn, according to the TV news story.

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