Simply Fondue 1

Simply Fondue on Lower Greenville is seeking a liquor license, and once they land that, they have a semi-extensive facelift on the books.

Simply Fondue has been on Lower Greenville since 1989, making it one of the longer running establishments on the strip. Now that they’re surrounded on all sides by new establishments, assistant manager Christian Tunell says it’s time to freshen things up — eventually. First the liquor license.

“It’s not an immediate remodel,” he says. “We’re taking it one step at a time.”

Over the next couple of years, Simply Fondue plans to strip all the paint off the front of the building and repaint, then redo the front entrance sign and reupholster the grungy-looking awnings.

Simply Fondue 2Inside, they plan to completely rework the bar area, Tunell says. First they’ll extend it, probably cutting into some of the table space.

“We’re actually going to try to set up a bar section where people can come to drink only, because we really kind of want some of the bar crowd,” he says.

“It’s such a good bar area; we might as well have mixed drinks. That’s why we’re getting a liquor license.”

Tunell says Simply Fondue will continue to close at 10 p.m. They also plan to reupholster and resurface the booths, so everything is “back up to par.”

“We want everything to be like new,” Tunell says.

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