Photography courtesy of the Parks and Rec in D14 Facebook page

An art sculpture placed at Energy Square more than three decades ago has a new home on the University Crossing Trail.

GlenStar Properties donated “Birth II” by Arthur Williams to the University Crossing Public Improvement District when renovations began on the sculpture’s original home at Energy Square. That donation was followed by another gift from the Highlands Hotel & Residences, which provided the land where the sculpture now sits.

The sculpture’s base had rusted and deteriorated during its tenure at Energy Square, so the University Crossing PID hired art conservator Michael van Enter to design a new, structurally sound base before the artwork was installed on the trail.

Photography courtesy of Patrick Sanders

The piece and a memorial plaque were introduced to the community Friday during a dedication ceremony attended by William’s granddaughter. The plaque reads, “The sculpture represents how new beginnings occur through art and community improvements.”

“Birth II” has at least one sister piece, but the Williams family said records of Arthur’s work were lost in Hurricane Katrina.

The PID built a pocket park across from the artwork so trail users can sit and enjoy the piece.

“In terms of COVID, the trail has become a lifeline for a lot of people,” said Patrick Sanders, executive director of the PID. “To have a piece of art that enhances the experience, it invites people to come out and see something unique and different.”