Over the weekend, Advocate A Team member Lilia Estrada saw something in the parking lot at Fiesta on Ross that caught her eye and warmed her heart:

Santa’s helpers decked out in red Santa suits and hats and long white beards handing out candy canes and small gifts to families entering and leaving the East Dallas grocery store.

Estrada spoke to Carole Adams (pictured in blue top) who says her son David Nichols has been doing this every Christmas season for about three years.

“You should have seen the kids faces light up,” Estrada says. “One little girl asked her mom ‘Why is Santa here already?’

Adams answered, ‘Santa is just practicing’.”

After the group finished at Fiesta they were headed — on red motorcycles — to the Target parking lot for more of the same.

They aren’t promoting anything. Don’t want anything in return. They are just out there sharing the holiday love.  Now that’s what it’s all about.

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