Photo courtesy of Round Table Pizza via Facebook.

A manager at Round Table Pizza near SMU was featured on the CBS program Undercover Boss.

Anthony McDowell, who used to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL, has worked at Round Table Pizza on SMU Boulevard for five years. McDowell also manages a football program in Cedar Hill for underserved youth, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Film crews had been documenting McDowell’s work, and the production company invited him to Sacramento for a post-production meeting. McDowell politely declined, so eventually they had to tell McDowell that the film crews were sent by Undercover Boss.

In California, McDowell was recognized by Round Table Pizza’s corporate owner, Fat Brands, for his work mentoring kids in the football program.

McDowell ended up receiving from Paul Damico, Round Table’s CEO at the time, a $10,000 donation for his football league and $25,000 to renovate his house to accommodate his stepson, who has special needs.

Watch McDowell on episode 5 of season 11 of Undercover Boss.