If you’ve been lying awake at night worrying about the city’s procedure/process for changing the name of Ross Avenue to Cesar Chavez, you can rest easy tonight: Angela Hunt has posted a simplified walk-through of the process on her website. It looks like Sept. 18 is the red-letter day to get things moving, with a public hearing of the Subdivision Review Committee (a subset of the city plan commission) set to discuss the proposed name change at 9 a.m. at city hall.

That’s just the first step in the process, though; no matter what happens Sept. 18, there are certain to be more fireworks to come thereafter as first the plan commission and then the council get their chance to weigh in. And that all assumes that Mayor Tom Leppert — the instigator of this mess who has been mysteriously quiet in terms of seeking media about it lately — isn’t working some behind-the-scenes compromise to surrender Live Oak or Ash or some other relatively constituent-less street to the process.

You can rest certain of two things, though: Industrial Boulevard will become Riverfront and not Chavez, and Ross Avenue will stay Ross and not be renamed. Too many big-name donors office along Ross (you can start the list with the Dallas Bar Association’s Belo Mansion and the up-and-coming Arts District), and Leppert is going to cave to their pressure before he throws in the towel on Ross. You heard it here first (well, maybe not first, but just remember you heard it here).

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