Lakewood Shopping Center clock. Photo courtesy of Kim Edge.

Will it return or is it gone for good?

That’s the question neighbors have been asking about the Lakewood Shopping Center clock.

Last week, we reached out to a leasing agent at the shopping center and asked what was happening with the local landmark. To date, we haven’t received a response.

A neighbor whose office is located there told us the clock would be reinstalled after construction crews finish work on the building.

We reported our findings, including information from local preservation expert Ron Siebler. He was hired by the owners of Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen to repair the clock about five years ago.

After we reported the clock would be reinstalled, Siebler contacted us. He had seen our story and, based on the photo, he has doubts about the clock’s future.

“To me, that suggests that the clock is not going to be reinstalled, that it’s probably gone for good,” he said in an email.

But in a follow-up, Siebler said it’s possible for crews to return the existing clock to its original spot or install a new one. They could also lower the clock or scale it down.

“It’s just hard to know what they have in mind with the information that is currently at hand,” he said.

We’ll keep following this story and provide updates when we can.