1720 Greenville Ave. Photo by Renee Umsted.

A new business is coming to the old Flatbread Co. spot on Lower Greenville.

River Pig Saloon owner Ramzy Hattar says he’s shooting for a September opening date for the first Texas location for the restaurant and bar.

Flatbread, which debuted in Dallas in 2020, closed earlier this year. Hattar says the bones of the space are good, so no major construction work is required. He’s already hired a kitchen manager and a general manager.

Hattar says he was drawn to Dallas for a new River Pig location because he has friends here. Though he considered other locations in the city, such as Uptown, he landed on Lower Greenville because the neighborhood is conducive to nightlife and daytime businesses.

The Flatbread space in particular offers parking and an outdoor patio, two items on Hattar’s list of requirements. Also, Hattar knows the owner of the former pizza restaurant, who also operates Tailwaters Fly Fishing shop in Dallas. River Pig has a fishing guide service in Oregon, and it’s associated with sports and fishing in general. In Dallas, Hattar says he wants to partner with Tailwaters to provide guided trips for locals.

River Pig Saloon. Photo courtesy of Ramzy Hattar.

According to the saloon’s website, river pigs were men who transported timber from Oregon’s forests to saw mills using fast-moving rivers, rather than railroads, which weren’t built near the forests. River pigs used 12-foot pikes to help dislodge logs when they jammed up. It was a dangerous job, but the river pigs were paid well.

“Here at River Pig Saloon, our roots run deep in Oregon and our name pays homage to these brave men with whom we share a common love for relaxing with a tall glass of whiskey,” the website says.

The first River Pig opened in Oregon in 2012. It’s known as a casual restaurant and bar serving food and drinks.

Brunch options include waffles, avocado toast, breakfast sandwich, eggs Benedict, a burger and more. Among the dinner items are burgers, salads and tacos. As far as cocktails, River Pig has all the classics — two variations on an old fashioned, a Manhattan, a margarita, a mule, a French 75 and more.

Hattar says he thinks River Pig Saloon’s business model — combining experiences and a local pub — will go over well in our neighborhood.

River Pig food. Photo courtesy of Ramzy Hattar.