So I confessed to Ricki Derek that I’ve never actually seen his Night-OH-Cabaret variety show in all its 10.5 years of existence. "That’s it. This interview is over," he said. But I’m not in the minority. The show, which Derek compares to "Saturday Night Live" and "Mr. Show," has a "cultish, clique-ish thing," going on, he said. The show started as a weekly event at the Cavern in 1998, and bounced to a few other East Dallas venues over the years. Then the lounge singer’s partner-in-comedy, Nick Gibbons, moved to New York and then Atlanta. Since then, they’ve performed the irreverent show about four times a year in Dallas.

The Night-OH-Cabaret 10.5 Year Anniversary Show is set for Saturday at the Lakewood Theater. The performance includes a guest appearance from Dana Snyder, who is the voice of Master Shake on Adult Swim’s "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." And DJ Chris Ryan from KEGL is the night’s emcee. It’s the biggest to-do Derek and Gibbons have made over the show yet. After all, you only turn 10.5 once. "We’ve ratcheted it up a bit for this one," Derek said.

Derek, who has been performing his lounge act at the Cavern on Sunday nights for at least 10.5 years, recently released a self-titled album, which he recorded with a 16-piece band. The CD is available here, or from iTunes. Tickets to Saturday’s show are available here and here.

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