I finally went to the (sort-of) newly opened Fuzzy’s Tacos and it lives up to the hype—good, cheap, fast food. It would be perfect if not for the crowds at peak hours, especially lunch. Don’t get me wrong—I am glad they are finding success, but it got me thinking about alternatives for those afternoons you just don’t feel like dealing with the mob.

For example, nearby at Abrams and Northwest Highway, tucked behind a billiards bar and bound by burglar bars, is Taqueria Los Altos, where you can get the $4.99 taco lunch special that includes three tacos with your choice of meat plus rice and beans, plus free chips with a selection of mild to hot salsas. The place is not as trendy as Fuzzy’s, and you probably won’t see all of your friends there, but it’s clean, roomy and authentic. If it’s dinnertime, stick to Fuzzy’s; Los Altos is only open weekdays from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. and closed at dinnertime. Weekend hours run until 4 p.m. 6012 Abrams. 214.361.6769

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