Snuffers open 1

After quite a bit of back-and-forth between founder Pat Snuffer and the group that recently bought out the Snuffer’s brand, Firebird Restaurant Group, which also owns El Fenix, Meso Maya and Taqueria La Ventana, the original Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar on Greenville has managed to reopen.

The building was completely demolished in April of 2013 and rebuilt from the ground up. It opened on Monday, and it has been bustling with business all week.

The new building features several impressive things, starting with a spacious main dining area with two glass garage doors, which can be opened during nice weather to let in the sunshine.

Snuffers open 2

As well as this indoor-outdoor bar…

Snuffers open 3

And this massive porch, which seats more than 100 people and overlooks Greenville Avenue.

Snuffers open 4

In case you’re a little hazy on the background (it was, after all, a little confusing), in March 2013, Snuffer’s Restaurant Inc. filed for Bankruptcy. Then in July, it was bailed out by Firebird Restaurant Group. Then in November, Firebird took over operations of six of the Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar locations. However, the location on Lower Greenville stayed in the possession of Pat Snuffer.

Until Snuffer announced his plans to open a Pat’s Burger & Cheddar Fries in the completed Lower Greenville location. Almost immediately afterwards, Firebird Restaurant Group filed a lawsuit against him, saying he was attempting “a last-minute, desperate, and unlawful conspiracy.” Just days before Snuffer planned to open the restaurant, Judge Martin Lowy signed a temporary restraining order against Snuffer, so he wouldn’t be able to open until everything was settled.

Pat Snuffer was due in court to settle everything once and for all, but Snuffer and Firebird settled ahead of deadline, as reported by the Dallas Morning News. Instead, Snuffer abandoned his plans to open Pat’s Burger & Cheddar Fries.

On Monday, Lower Greenville location will reopen as a Snuffer’s, after construction was finally finished.