The Wheels in Motion bike shop has been on the corner of Old Town Shopping Center (Lovers and Greenville) between Border’s and Tom Thumb for as long as I can remember, so I was surprised when I drove by today and saw the “store closing” banners. My wife and I went inside (me to find out what’s up and she to consider buying a discounted bike), and the staff didn’t have much information about the situation. I asked if someone else had already leased the space, and the only comment was: “I heard some restaurants are interested.”

As for the bike and accessories sale, from what I could tell, just about everything is marked off by about 10 percent, and as of today, the store is still full of inventory. The personnel weren’t sure when the sale would end or if/when prices would drop further. My wife test-drove a couple of bikes, with the caveat that I needed to pull my old Schwinn out of the backyard storage room to ride around the lake with her. When I couldn’t promise that would happen, we left empty-handed, with one of us in a more surly mood than when we entered.

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