Photo courtesy of Ngon Vietnamese Kitchen.

Ngon Vietnamese Kitchen is celebrating its one year anniversary, its owner’s birthday and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Ngon, located on Greenville Avenue, is marking the occasion with new menu items, lion dances, lantern giveaways and gift card giveaways.

The restaurant celebrated its grand opening in 2020 along with the owner’s birthday and Vietnam’s Mother’s Day.

Carol Nguyen is the owner and chef at the restaurant. She’s introducing a Vietnamese green papaya and beef jerky salad, a French red wine beef stew and creamy garlic noodles with blackened shrimp, which is inspired by her New Orleans background.

In addition, Nguyen will be offering two desserts just for the Moon Festival: hopia cake (mooncake) and red beans pudding.

Hopia cake. Photo courtesy of Ngon Vietnamese Kitchen.

The lion dances begin Sunday at 5:30 p.m., and the rest of the celebration is scheduled for noon-9 p.m.

Ngon, which means delicious in Vietnamese, is Nguyen’s first Vietnamese restaurant and third restaurant. Ngon also has a more personal significance for Nguyen, who’s mother’s name is Ngôn.

Ngon is located at 1907 Greenville Ave.