(Photo courtesy of Paul Manak.)

Many people will start their New Year’s resolutions today in the hopes that completing them will improve or enrich their lives in 2019. As individuals think about ways to make their lives better this year, the Dallas Department of Code Compliance asked residents on Nextdoor to also consider ways to improve their neighborhoods.

“Do you have ideas for things you and your neighborhood groups can do to make your community safer and happier in 2019?” department officials asked. “What are your 2019 goals for improving your neighborhood? Have you joined your local homeowners association, neighborhood association or other community group?”

Here are the top comments:

1. Learn how to use the recycle bins and resolve to follow the city’s directions. When you take your recyclables to the bin, empty the bag into the bin. (Yes, even loose paper.) Don’t put trash in the recycle bin. Don’t put bags in the bin. Flatten all the boxes. Our recycle system depends on this. 
-Althea Webb, Vickery Place

2. Do you know of a dog who has been abandoned, has no real shelter, is not being fed, has no toys, no people to interact with? If that is the case, call Dallas Animal Services and the SPCA and ask them to investigate. They will do so. I recently did just that, and the animal in question has much better care.
-Ellen Childress, White Rock East

3. I resolve to continue the same community improvement plan my grandmother passed on to me and the one both parents practiced every day: Do a random act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be big. Just let a car come in that would have a 20-minute wait to move on. Say hello to a neighbor as you walk by. Pick up a pice of trash. Little things add up to a slightly better day all the way around.
-Sandra Hunter, Casa Linda Forest

How else do you think we can improve our neighborhood?

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