Sometimes I notice things while I’m out at White Rock or other neighborhood parks that I mean to look into (and then forget about).

For example, over at Norbuck, the large park/playground/cross-country trail area at the southeast corner of Buckner and Northwest Highway, there is a tribute to one Rowland D. Adams. I’ve seen it and wondered who Adams was (and then I forgot about it).

As I was researching another story, I came across a blog post by a DJ named Hawkeye, who unlike me actually did look into the life of the late Rowland D. Adams, 1917-1962 who’s remembered on a plaque as a man “whose love of god and life Inspired him to appreciate the beauty of the world and his fellow man. To be a coach and counselor to boys and girls. To be a friend and example to all.”

Hawkeye learned that Rowland Adams, in his relatively short life, organized the White Rock Churches Athletic Association in 1956, the largest church-sponsored athletic association in the nation. In 1962 alone there were more than 2000 youngsters participating in baseball and basketball programs. Adams himself coached teams from his congregation at Lakeview Christian Church. He was sick for many years and died at age 44. 

So, it’s absolutely fitting that Adams symbolically sits where kids today run and play.

I appreciate this, Hawkeye. That’s pretty cool. Here’s Hawkeye’s blog, where he writes about “overlooked stories” and “rambles” about local stuff.

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