OK, so this one isn’t actually a "neighborhood" deal…but it’s still a good deal, which I think makes it BackTalk-worthy.
I was watching the news on CW33 last night. Actually, I was checking e-mails and had the TV on in the background. But a mention of a free deal caught my undivided attention. (Yup, you say "free" and I’m all ears).
Turns out there is an organization trying to curb absent-minded drivers who are more interested in checking their voice mails than their blind spots during rush hour.
In an attempt to get more drivers to actually focus on the road, FreeHeadset.org is giving away free cell phone headsets. Well, you do have to pay $3.94 to cover shipping, so they’re not entirely free–but that’s still pretty close. These free headsets, however, are very basic–if you want all the fancy bells and whistles, you have to pay for that. But if you don’t mind forgoing the Bluetooth, you can get your own headset for next to nothing.
I just ordered my free set, although I doubt I’ll use it because I seldom talk on the phone while I drive. My poor vision makes me enough of a liability on the road, trust me. But if you’d like to get your free headset, just visit freeheadset.org and see if your cell phone qualifies for the free offer.

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