On Rotation _ construction

After two years of searching for the perfect location in the Lakewood area, neighbors Jacob and Lindsay Sloan have started construction on a brand new brewing concept, On Rotation, in a space tucked away behind Gaston-Garland-Grand, right next door to Cane Rosso White Rock.

From the On Rotation Facebook page

From the On Rotation Facebook page

Although East Dallas is no stranger to craft breweries, On Rotation is a little different than anything else we’ve seen before. It’s what could be described as a nano-brewery — bigger than a homebrewery, but smaller than a microbrewery.

Rather than distributing to other bars in the area, On Rotation will sell their craft beers on site in a space set up more like a coffee shop than a bar, Jacob explains.

“We’re going for a Times Ten for craft beer vibe,” he says. “We want to maintain that tasting/tap room feel.”

Aside from their own brews, they’ll also offer other craft beer selections. They’ll primarily sell Dallas and Texas beers, but they want to leave the door open for selling craft brews from around the country. Anything unqiue, basically.

The Sloans are young professionals whose journey into the craft brew world began like you’d expect — with a home brew kit. They enjoyed being able to experiment with various flavors, and soon enough it was an obsession.

They decided to open a nano-brewery a couple years ago, and spent more than a year searching for the perfect space.

After finding the space at Gaston-Garland-Grand, the Sloans debuted their brews by participating in Brew Riot in Oak Cliff, and their jalapeño saison and raspberry sour — two of the brews you can expect to find at On Rotation on opening day — were both big hits.

Learn more and watch their progress on the website or Facebook page.

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