Mockingbird Station Starbucks. Photo by Renee Umsted.

Workers at the Mockingbird Station Starbucks voted to form a labor union.

The vote was held July 29, and every employee who voted cast a vote to move forward with the unionization effort.

This makes the Mockingbird Station store the first Dallas location to form a union.

In May, workers at the store wrote a letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, announcing their intent to unionize.

Schultz said in an interview with The New York Times that customers have to trust the company and that the company has to “show up.” He also said he could not do that while embracing unions, which he called a “third party.”

According to Starbucks Workers United, the group made of Starbucks employees from across the country who are working to organize a union, more than 200 stores have unionized.

The National Labor Relations Board has to certify the union, and then the bargaining process can begin, The Dallas Morning News reports.