MIXY delivers all the ingredients you need to create craft cocktails at home. Just add your favorite spirit. | Photo credit: Libby Cook

While it’s uncertain when your neighborhood watering hole will reopen, many local mixologists and bartenders are putting together cocktail kits, so you can make your favorite drinks at home. Amid the pandemic, Lakewood resident Meredith Levesque has turned her hobby into a full-time job with her MIXY at-home mixology kits.

When COVID-19 struck, MIXY founder Meredith Levesque was forced to re-evaluate her strategy. | Photo credit: Libby Cook

With MIXY, shoppers receive dehydrated cocktail ingredients in a jar. One can add their favorite spirit to the jar and let it refrigerate for two or three days to create an infusion-style cocktail. Signature infusions include “the skyline,” a jar filled with ginger, lemon, blueberry and a turbinado sugar cube. With the skyline, Levesque recommends vodka or bourbon whiskey.

Another bold blend is “the Tejas,” a jar with blood-orange, jalapeño, lime and an agave-infused sugar cube. Levesque recommends tequila for the Tejas. 

“MIXY is the result of my desire to enjoy delicious craft cocktails at home,” said Levesque in a statement. “Growing up, my parents would make dinner parties extra special by serving craft cocktails to their guests, and it’s since become something I have adopted into my household. My husband, Taylor, and I are both cocktail enthusiasts but found the process of recreating our favorites at home too time-consuming and daunting. In an effort to create something more approachable, but still just as fun, MIXY was born.” 

MIXY launched this past January via Levesque’s Instagram page. She made her debut at Boho Market this past March, looking forward to a series of pop-ups to follow. COVID-19 struck shortly after, and she was forced to pivot to online.

MIXY cocktail kits come in six different varieties. | Photo credit: Libby Cook

The kits can be ordered online at drinkmixy.com for $21 each. Each jar makes eight 1.5 oz. servings of infused liquor and can be infused twice for 16 servings.

“I was blown away by the reception I received on my cocktail kits and immediately knew I had something that could grow to be more than a hobby,” said Levesque in a statement. “By May of this year, I had my website up and running, and since then, I have shipped to over 40 states already.”