The last of Lower Greenville’s antique malls is taking its mid-century modern sofas and kitschy tchotchkes and moving down the road. Lula B’s, which opened in 1992, is moving to Deep Ellum next month.

Lula B’s co-owner Patrick Springer says parking and increased rent prompted the move to Main near Good Latimer.
Springer and his business partner, Mary Ann Kaylor, opened a second Lula B’s on Riverfront Blvd. (formerly Industrial) in October, and sales there quickly equaled and exceeded sales on Lower Greenville.

A lack of parking spaces has caused the Lower Greenville store “a huge amount of business,” Springer says.
The Deep Ellum store, which they hope to open within the first two weeks of April, has a dedicated parking lot.

“It’s no longer a neighborhood that’s practical for a retail store,” he says of Lower Greenville.

About 20 years ago, that block had several antique malls. The space next door to Lula B’s once housed an 8,000-square-foot antique mall, where there are two bars and a pizza place now. And there was another antique mall across the street, along with a few independent dealers.

“We’re just the last one,” Springer says.