The only bike shop on Lower Greenville will close at the end of the month.

Transit Bicycle Co. opened originally in Uptown 10 years ago, taking over and rebranding the former West Village Cycles. The shop moved to Lower Greenville at Oram in 2013.

“It was an old bar. Not in great shape. A raw, grimy space for a raw, grimy bike shop,” says owner Fran Badgett.

Badgett says the rent on that space became overwhelming starting in about January. He and manager Johnny Aiken had been looking for another space but ultimately decided to close the shop.

The shop doubled as a live music venue when regular customer Victor Lopez started booking bands there. Badgett says Lopez was about 15 when he started hanging around the shop. Transit hosted all-ages shows for local bands including Dent May, Acid Carousel, Ian Salazar and the Bralettes, plus touring musicians L.A. Witch, Crumb and Sloppy Jane as well as bands from Scotland and Australia.

“I didn’t think there was really anything like that in Dallas,” Badgett says. “I can count on one hand the number of underground or non-bar shows I went to when I was a teenager here.”

After 10 years owning a small business, Badgett says he plans to take the summer off and then finish his undergraduate degree. He says volunteering at the Resource Center inspired him to pursue a social work degree.

The shop’s last day is June 30, and there will be live music that whole last weekend.

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