As the foodie revolution continues its dominance of the restaurant scene, our neighborhood still has resisters that avoid modern food and design aesthetics. Lakewood Landing is one of those local spots that refuses to bow to the latest and greatest, and based on the their most recent accolade, their choice seems to be working just fine.

Thrillist, a food, travel and entertainment publication, has named our neighborhood’s dive bar as the very best in Texas. Lakewood Landing “is an age-old dive bar that just happens to have solid Texas pub fare to go with molotov caliber cocktails and surly/friendly service,” Thrillist says. The article lists the massive chicken fried steak, the out of date television sets and the couch springs that may stab you during a game of pool as some of the highlights.

The question remains as to whether being recognized by Thrillist automatically disqualifies a bar from being a dive, but it is nice to see other publications recognizing what neighbors have known for years. Check out the entire list here.

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