Now that Roxanne Rodriguez-Cheek has been named the new principal at Woodrow Wilson High School, Lipscomb Elementary is searching for a new leader.

Joe Miniscalco, executive director of the Woodrow Wilson feeder pattern, said via email that the community selection panel will meet Tuesday to interview candidates.

The community selection committee is made up of an executive director, an SBDM member, the PTA president, a trustee appointed community member, a student, three teachers, a counselor and an office staff member.

From there, the top recommended candidates will meet with the Chief of School Leadership Stephanie Elizalde and then one candidate will have final interview with Superintendent Michael Hinojosa.

In an interview in February with the Advocate, Rodriguez-Cheek discussed her working relationship with her assistant principal Daisy Briones, “She and I have been that constant from the start of it all. We focused the first year on culture and climate, building trust again, not only with our staff but with the community, too. I don’t see her as my AP; I see her as my co-principal.”

Check back for updates about the future of Lipscomb’s leadership.

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