So much exciting news on the TXU front that it’s almost impossible follow (and that doesn’t include the thrill of seeing my first TV commercial touting the sale and the utility’s new owners):

• Steve Blow at Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper had better be careful. He almost sounded like — Heaven forbid — one of us. His column this morning taking TXU to task for manipulating electricity rates last summer sounded so populist that it could get him in trouble with the bosses at Belo. Still, if that happens, we’ll have a place for him here.

• Regular visitors to this blog know how little respect I get from the hard-hitting journalists at D magazine (much deserved, of course), so this link will no doubt get me even more grief. But of all the places that the new TXU owners could have advertised, why did they choose the D blog? (That’s the banner thingie on the top of the page.) Conspiracy theories, anyone? Or maybe someone at Kohlberg Kravis, one of the buyout firms in the deal, just needs a doctor.

• Speaking of KKR, it has been busy, busy, busy. Besides the TXU deal, it is trying to buy a drug store chain and a supermarket company in Great Britain and just bought the Dollar General chain in the U.S. This, of course, will leave it lots of time to oversee TXU. Why does this deal smell worse with every passing day?

• Finally, state Sen. Troy Fraser, who was one of the architects of the electricity deregulation legislation that let TXU do what it did to make Steve Blow so mad, has apparently had enough. "Consumers of this state deserve to be treated fairly," he said yesterday when the Senate passed a variety of bills that will make it almost impossible for the sale to go through as originally planned. How badly has TXU handled this that they ticked off a conservative, pro-business Republican?

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