Julie Ross dressed as the Grim Reaper at the Donald Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo from Facebook

Disability rights advocate and East Dallas neighbor Julie Ross attended the Donald Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but she wasn’t there for politics. Instead, she called out Trump supporters not wearing masks.

Ross, dressed as the Grim Reaper, pointed at people who weren’t wearing a mask or social distancing, she said in a Facebook post.

The Trump campaign checked attendees’ temperatures at the door and provided hand sanitizer and masks, but an overwhelming number of people did not wear them and did not social distance, NBC reported.

“The thing is that COVID doesn’t care what your politics are. COVID kills,” Ross said.

Ross was a 2019 Advocate Fierce Female who works with organizations like The Arc of Texas and Americans Disabled for Attendant Programs Today to prevent homelessness, suicide, poverty and underemployment among people with disabilities.

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