Update (9 a.m. Monday): Just got off the phone with Jeff Brand of Greenway, who says he is working with a major grocery store chain to open a location across the street from from the Office Depot. He says it’s too soon to say which chain. Also, the Peaks Addition neighborhood group played a key role in getting the project to this point, working with the developer and the chain to solve some parking problems.

Aldi, a German grocery store chain, is supposed to be looking at Gaston near Baylor, near a strip center anchored by a soon-to-open Office Depot. (This begs the question of why we need four office supply big boxes between City Place and Park Lane, but who am I to question the mysterious workings of the retail market?)

We have heard Aldi was coming as long ago as last February. The chain is an upscale no-frills operation, with 850 stores across the country. It’s also reportedly opening a store in Oak Cliff, where they have even fewer grocery stores than we do.

Also going in near the Office Depot is Divino’s, a very nifty local pizza chain that’s moving across the street; and Lenny’s Subs, a franchise of a New Jersey chain.

I have a call in to Greenway Investment Company, which is leasing the site, to see if anyone has more information.

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