Pet Pause pictures

Stella is quite the hammock ham, and little Mickey gives his family scruffy love.

Rudyard Kipling poem is a timeless treasure

We’ve just spent the past few days cleaning a portion of our house that has accumulated stuff for the past 19 years. Among old clothes and our kids’ elementary school papers, I found a long-forgotten, weathered copy of a poem someone exposed me to when I was a 7th grader.

Ellis Grace lets you design your own messenger bag

Devra Langford needed a briefcase. But she had a hard time finding one, so she got out the sewing machine and made herself a messenger bag. A friend saw the bag and wanted one. Then another friend saw it and wanted one. But the real push for Langford’s side venture, Ellis Grace, came from Langford’s mom.

Eco-friendly wines and lemon ice

Wineries have joined the move toward more eco-friendly products. We offer a list of affordable labels, plus a recipe for a chilly, easy-to-make lemon ice.

Q&A: Buzz Lofts developer Zad Roumaya

He had a plan for the two-story retail development at Garland and Gaston, but he and the property’s owners got it rezoned just as the economy was tanking. Roumaya talks with us about the future of Garland Road and other developments.

Out & About: August 2010

It’s hot out there this month, but it might be worth a trip to the Dallas Arboretum, where tickets are only a buck instead of the usual $10.

True Crime: Discharge of a firearm

East Dallas resident Dawn Quiett was out for a fun night out with friends at the Cock and Bull Neighborhood Pub on Gaston. Little did she know, they would witness a crime that would grip the Dallas news cycle and land three police officers in hot water.