‘Missionary’ means something different these days

We used to delegate mission work to career missionaries. While they still go for us, we also go now, in the form of missions trips. Sometimes we go to help missionaries. Sometimes we go because fewer missionaries go fulltime now. But we are going more now than ever. Instead of sending only our money and prayers, we are sending each other and going ourselves.

Community and education news and notes

DART received a national award from Americans for the Arts for two East Dallas art projects, the Fair Park Station and the Traveling Man installation. The organization selected them from more than 300 entries in 29 cities to be included in its “2010 Public Art Year in Review”.

Exxon-Mobil Green Team gets to work at White Rock YMCA

The team works with kids at the Y three days a week, playing games and doing activities that focus on recycling, conserving energy and other ways to be green. The five students also are expected to read up on environmental issues, and incorporate what they learn into the lessons.