If you hear a loud boom and a cloud of dust, don’t panic. An 11-story tower will be imploded next month to make way for a new development.

The former Affiliated Computer Services building at 2828 N. Haskell Ave. is slated for demolition Feb. 16 at daybreak.

Traffic will be stopped on Interstate 75 approximately 10 minutes before the implosion. Pedestrians and vehicles will have limited access to the area for several hours before and after.

The demolition is expected to last no more than five minutes. However, falling debris will produce a cloud of dust that, with wind, could travel beyond the demolition zone.

“The owners and contractors are aware of the dangers of such an operation and have been working for months to create a design and plan for this implosion that is with the utmost thought to safety,” the developers said in a letter to the city.

Building owner De La Vega Development is destroying the building to build a mixed-use development with offices, a hotel and retail space on the 20-acre site.

Anyone with questions can contact Scott Finnell at De La Vega Development at sfinnell@delavegadevelopment.com or 214-750-7688 ext. 209.