This was my third consecutive morning to walk at the lake, as well as the third to encounter a substantial amount of horse crap on the bridge that runs along West Lawther near Mockingbird. It pretty much spreads across the bridge so that walkers, runners and cyclists have to maneuver around it in single file.

I can’t help but be slightly amused, considering that we have such strict rules about picking up after our dogs around the lake (not that those rules are always followed — I’ve encountered quite a bit of that on the White Rock bridges, too). I also can’t help but think it must have been a police horse because I don’t know of any other horses still riding around the lake. Of course, to riders, horses are often inconspicuous defecators.

The problem is I don’t know how it would be removed. Hose it off? Shovel it off? I don’t know if the latter is even possible at this point. The fact that it was still there this morning was probably my cue to call 311 and let the city figure it out.

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