Photography by Kathy Tran.

Two people broke into Halcyon early Monday and stole over $2,000 from the office safe.

Security cameras captured the break-in, which occurred around 3 a.m. May 23, says Amanda Campbell, the restaurant’s general manager.

Two men wearing masks, gloves and head lights walked up to the Lower Greenville business around 2:54 a.m. and waited outside until some people left the nearby bars.

When there was no one around, they used sledgehammers to smash the glass on the front door and crawled in.

Campbell says she doesn’t think they had been in the store before because they didn’t immediately know where to find the office or the safe, which had cash, employees’ tips and maybe a few paychecks.

However, they were in and out in just minutes, and Campbell says they made it look easy.

The police have been notified.

Halcyon, which joined the Greenville Avenue dining scene in 2017, is still open but is asking customers to use a different door and pay with a credit card.

Photo courtesy of Halcyon via Facebook.

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