I have now officially lost count of all of the proposed, under construction, renovating, pre-leasing and planned mixed use retail centers around here. The latest is at Greenville just north of Mockingbird, site of the old Shamburger building center. In the past year, we’ve written about a similar project on lower Greenville, the Timbercreek redevelopment, the Casa Linda renovation, the Lake Highlands Town Center, the town center at Walnut Hill and Central, and at least three or four more. In fact, I’m supposed to do a post, complete with spiffy pop-up map, with each of these proposals outlined.

It’s amazing, considering how little retail we had here 10 years ago, that everyone has decided to throw all these new shops at us now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all the reasons, but even so, that’s a lot of space to rent. It’s even more space to rent given the economy and the credit crunch. I know that our friends in Lake Highlands are getting a little antsy waiting to hear who is going to anchor their town center; an announcement has been postponed at least three times.

Prescott Realty, which is doing the town center, is also doing the Shamburger site as well as an expansion to Mockingbird Station. That’s an ambitious agenda for a company its size. I hope its bosses know where all those stores are going to come from.

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